ISBN : 978-1-907128-21-9

Asia's 10,000 Largest Companies 2017

Published in a convenient one volume, this latest edition offers excellent value for money and will prove an essential reference source for your corporate research departments and business or public libraries. 

Asia’s 10,000 Largest Companies is the ideal solution for anyone who wants up-to-date financial and contact information on Asia’s most important companies in the following countries: Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan, Indonesia, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand and China.

You will find a list of the 500 most profitable companies – and the 500 biggest money losers.   There is an extensive Trade Index based on International Standard Business Codes – details of which are also included and an Alphabetical Index providing full contact details. 

Published : May 2017
ISBN : 978-1-907128-21-9

Price:  £385.00 



Also included are lists of the top companies in the following industry sectors: Banks; Mining, Agriculture & Construction; Manufacturing; Food & Tobacco; Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals; Wholesaling; Retailing; Transportation & Oil; Publishing; Communications; Hotels & Restaurants; Business & Personal Services; Insurance; Utilities.

Individual information for each company comprises:

·    Rank based on most recent reported results   

·    Industry sector

·    Sales and % change in sales

·    Profits

·    Profits as % of sales, assets and equity capital

·    Number of employees and sales per employee

·    Assets

·    Year established

·    Name of Chairman or next most senior executive

·    Full company contact details including web sites and email information as available