ISBN 978-1-921892-40-6

Global Base Metals Directory 2017

The most comprehensive annual guide to the world's Aluminium, Copper, Lead, Nickel, Tin and Zinc Base Metals companies and traders, including contact details, senior management, products, mines and plants! 

Wherever you sit in the base metals supply chain, this directory is an essential business too! Buyers, Suppliers or Customers can easily be found by purchasing the Global Base Metals Directory 2017. 

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The Global Base Metals Directory has been completely re-researched for 2016. Each company, old and new, has been contacted individually to ensure the information contained in the new edition is accurate and up-to-date. Provides fast, easy access to the most up-to-date and comprehensive industry guide around, saving you hours of time when sourcing a new supplier, buyer or simply trying to re-establish a business relationship.

Producers, Traders, Suppliers

•The Global Base Metals Directory 2016 will save you time and money if you are:

• involved in sourcing Base Metals, Aluminium, Copper, Lead, Nickel, Tin and Zinc.

• sourcing new suppliers as a trader or consumer in the base metals business;

• a producer looking for trade outlets to sell to;

• involved in the service sector and looking for potential new clients for your goods and services;

• monitoring your competitors and the Base Metals marketplace.

No more searching in vain for the contact information you need, – we've done the hard work for you. The new edition of the Global Base Metals Directory profiles more than 3000 companies who specialize in the production or trade of base metals. Each company has been contacted direct – so you know the information we give is accurate.

Contact and Company Information

This new edition of the Global Base Metals Directory lists producers and traders of base metals worldwide and includes:

• full contact details for companies and key personnel in the industry, including phone, fax, email and web address;

• ownership, subsidiaries, associates and branch office details;

• up-to-date expansion plans by company;

• details of activities and materials produced or traded by company;

• a Buyers' Guide, with the producers and traders listed separately under their respective countries. Also includes a cross-referenced Index to help you find the right supplier for you quickly and easily;

• an alphabetical index to companies, useful when you need to find updated information on one particular organization;

• a listing of key personnel by business area, helping you to track down that contact who's moved without telling you, or to access specific departments at companies;


5 reasons to have your own copy of the Global Base Metals Directory 2017:

• Save time when sourcing new suppliers;

• Quickly find management, sales and production contacts within companies;

• A user-friendly A-Z Buyers' Guide helps you source the right supplier – whether it's a producer or trader, search by the product you need – by country;

• Know your market. The world's base metals producers and traders in one handy volume;

• Excellent value for money - Where else could you source this depth of market intelligence in one handy book?

Wherever you sit in the base metals supply chain, this directory is an essential business too! Whether you're a producer, a trader, or a consumer; or if you're involved in plant equipment, shipping or warehousing - this updated directory includes details on all the key contacts in the global base metals marketplace.